COVID-19 and Its Effects on Mental Health - How PlanSplit Can Help Reduce Cost Barriers to Care

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Even after more than a year, COVID-19 still threatens public health on a global scale, with intervention measures like quarantines, lockdowns, and social distancing causing mental health problems. 

An estimated one out of three adults suffer from anxiety and depression caused by COVID-19. In response to their fears about the pandemic, some have become more dependent on alcohol or drugs. These substances can worsen anxiety and depression. 

Moreover, the economic crunch following the pandemic adds to the stress. As a result, many businesses collapsed, wages dropped, employment fell, and consumer confidence plummeted. The economic downturn has an impact on the overall lifestyle all over the world. Anxiety complaints are on the rise post-pandemic. 

The healthcare sector is not spared from the impact. The increasing medical expenses prove to be a significant deterrent for many patients. Many of them find it challenging to afford mental therapy and other medical treatment. The cost barriers to therapy packages and other care have remarkably declined patient visits to the facilities, precluding disease control and treatment. This is where PlanSplit comes in. 

PlanSplit is a new platform where health and wellness care providers can offer their services with value adds and discounts. In other words, it provides a solution to the health care facilities with low growth rates to scale up their operations. 

So, how is that possible? 

No Separate Merchant Account Required:

Signing up with PlanSplit will enable providers to cut back on their marketing and advertising costs by a large margin. Providers can create and sell usage-based plans, packages, membership, and subscriptions at their discretion, without requiring any separate merchant account.

Reduce Staff Workload:

Everything about service management, billing, membership, and subscription management is both automated and human supported at PlanSplit. The PlanSplit team will handle all the back-end operations for providers and their clients, meaning less burden on the staff at the provider's offices. Thus, it helps reduce administrative overhead and other operational costs. 

Expense Reduction:

PlanSplit streamlines the process of sign-up, and renewals to same or different plans, cancellations, and other activities for providers. This enables providers to focus on their core practices and treatment. All they must do is apply usage at the time of service. Staff time is saved in plan administration, and billing management drives cost savings and operational efficiency. 

Automated and Secure Payouts:

Moreover, the worry-free, automated, secure payout process eliminates the need for a separate payment gateway. PlanSplit ensures a smooth payment experience for consumers, saving providers time and money. While in-house plans require providers to print agreements, collect signature(s), enter payment info, and save the document, PlanSplit removes the pains of documentation and paperwork by allowing consumers to do all that by themselves on their site.

Split-billing is a real plus for consumers. Consumers can pay the plan in full and sometimes get an additional discount or pay monthly over the plan period. All these features combined make PlanSplit a win-win for providers and consumers. Both can benefit from the platform in several ways. Whether for counselling packages or other health wellness plans, consumers can get real value for money. 

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