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Dental Memberships Strengthen Loyalty & Compliance in Uncertain Times

If anything, the Great Recession has taught us that we can expect nothing from the free market but constant change and financial insecurity. The economic uncertainty hit almost all types of businesses and industries, but the dental industry was particularly hard hit. Dental practices felt the squeeze on their patient income as people cut back on discretionary spending to save their homes from foreclosure and unemployment claims.

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In What Ways Does PlanSplit Stand Out from Alle in Terms of Encouraging Employee Loyalty and Compliance?

The medical spa business is rapidly expanding and is now one of the most dynamic in the United States economy. The market was worth $13.82 billion in 2019, and experts predict that the number will increase to $47.14 billion by 2030. Understanding market trends enables med spa practices to serve more customers and boost revenue.

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How PlanSplit Differs from Recurly and Chargebee

The subscription business model is gaining popularity to secure a steady source of revenue for businesses. Leaders in different sectors, including finance, retail, automotive, utilities, and recreation, are becoming more confident about recurring revenue models. Subscription-based companies expand five times faster than typical firms. 70% of firms, according to a recent study, assume that membership and subscription models are essential for future development and expansion.

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How Private Chiropractic Practitioners Can Grow Their Practice?

From restaurant chains to hardware stores, major commercial chains confront barriers while striving to expand their businesses. Franchisers are often left with no option but close under-performing stores or chains. In addition to the shortage of funds, poor client compliance, loyalty, and commitment serve to play unfavorably against the desired growth and expansion. Despite obstacles, national chains such as The Joint are changing the market.

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